The first drawing

As I was searching through my things last week, I did not only found drawings I made for an exhibition which never took place, but also a set of drawings I made as a presentation for the local newspaper. The intention was to make one drawing a week of a place of interest, along with a short story about the history of that place. The editor-in-chief wasn't totally against my proposal, but he found the drawing a bit to much Charles Dickens-like. He thought a line drawing was more appropiate for a newspaper. I also remember a phrase of him: "Bricks, I want to see more bricks! You drawing people always suggest there are bricks, but never draw them! You're just to lazy to draw bricks! I want to see bricks!" So I drew the same object much more in his taste and got the assignment:

When I look back now, I think I should have stayed more to the original style, which is somewhat warmer in a way. And less bricks to be drawn...
Anyway, I've learned a lot back then. And not only about the history of the town, I must say. One specific lesson I've learned, is that you can't expect that the reader of a newspaper (or any other medium) knows what you mean with your drawing, painting or photo. There has to be a context in which it fits.

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